Meet the Author3Hi, I’m Candi!

I’m a blogger, artist, entrepreneur, author, narrator, prayer counselor and most importantly, a daughter of the King! My greatest passion is loving Jesus and living my life with family, joy and purpose.

I was born to create. Of all the things I love to dream up, writing is the one thing I just can’t do without. Writing helps me know what I think about life and about God. Writing Christian meditations is one of the ways I have found to personally worship God and honor the gift He has given me.

I have been writing Christian guided meditations for nearly 30 years. My musical Christian meditations began to materialize when I combined my narrative stories with scripture, music and sound.
Through my writing, I have discovered my truest calling, to create an environment of rest in the presence of God, where people will come to know Jesus in a deeper & more intimate way. To my delight, thousands of people are using my CD’s for that purpose.


I work as a SOZO Prayer Counselor.
SOZO is a listening prayer ministry where I rely upon the Holy Spirit to lead us. I use prophetic insight and simple yet profound tools for resurfacing the wounds, lies and fears that have kept one from growing and sustaining a healthy relationship with God and others.
This has been the joy of my life! – to participate in the healing, freedom and wholeness of hurting people.


I belong to Heritage Christian Fellowship, where I am honored to serve as a deacon, intercessor, overseer of the Prayer and Healing Center and a community group leader.

Healing Prayer4

Releasing the Kingdom. Sukkot 2007

Sweet Beginnings:

In 2005 I joined the Healing Rooms at a Vineyard church. Deborah Daroni, Pastor of Prayer Hawaii, trained and mentored me. During this time our soaking ministry was born. I served with Deborah for 5 years as partner and intercessor for White Diamond Ministries and Author and narrator of the Christian guided meditations used in the ministry.

In 2011, Deborah was called to ministry in Hawaii, and we multiplied. I changed the name of the ministry in California to C-Christ Ministries. The new name represents seeing Christ with our spiritual eyes. It also stands for my name.

In 2012, I started the Soaking with Christian Guided Meditation Ministry at Heritage Christian Fellowship, San Clemente, – my church home.

In August of 2015 my pastor asked me to expand the soaking ministry by adding prayer and healing teams. Of course I said YES!  It is a honor and a blessing to blend and bring my ministry under the umbrella of Heritage Christian Fellowship. It’s my hearts desire to see many healed, touched by God, and coming into the kingdom of God through this anointed Prayer and Healing Center.





Click Here for the Prayer and Healing Center.

God has given me the spiritual gifts of healing, encouragement, exhortation and prophetic insight. God reveals His rhema, (spoken) word to me through visions. Sometimes a prophetic picture unfolds, similar to watching a movie. Christians with this prophetic ability are called Seers as the way they hear from the Lord is primarily through visions. 1 Samuel, Chronicles.

A minister gave me a prophetic word. In her spirit she saw that I was covered with eyes that looked like peacock feathers. She perceived that I had a seer anointing that God uses to edify and build people up.writing various Christian guided meditations for nearly 30 years now.

That prophetic word resonated within me. I remembered when God had told me that I was like a peacock. It wasn’t until I received this word that I understood why He had called me that. The Lord revealed to me that the peacock feathers represent spiritual eyes that reflect the beauty and wonder of God, just like I do through writing Christian guided meditations.

Jesus was wooing me into a deeper place with Him.

He was giving me greater revelation of His glory and inspiring me to record these intimate experiences on paper. The stories come to me simply by being still in the presence of the Holy Spirit while I meditate on His word and His attributes.

God is the writer, I am just a pen. A peacock feather pen. desktop-free-peacock-feather-images

Papa God has been exceedingly good to me in my personal life.




He blessed me with 3 amazing, gifted, Christ like daughters.







They make me laugh and fill my heart with love and awe.









Meet the AuthorMy kindhearted and supportive husband is full of faith in God and never stops believing in my potential.









I am blessed with intimate and rich relationships. My friends and ministry partners are like sisters to me.




John 10:10

… I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly!



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