Sharing my thoughts about an All Seeing God.

Today I Climbed to a high place. I stood looking at a panoramic view of the ocean in Dana Point. I felt very small, like a speck of dust. I reached my hands up to the sky and said,

“Can you see me Lord?”

“I see you,” He said.

“I am but an atom (Adam) on this great earth. How is it that you can see me?”

“My Spirit is within you,” He said. “You are a part of me, I see you.”

I See You, God StoriesThen I saw, in the spirit, a great wind. From every corner of the earth tiny specks of dust were gathered together in the sky, creating one magnificent body, the body of Christ. A silhouette of Jesus emerged, and behold, the King of Kings, in all His glory filled the expanse of the sky.

The vision brought to mind, that in the same way that I can always see what my hand or my foot is doing, God can always see me.

Awakening our spirits, I See You

May I be, in all that I do, an ever pleasant sight to my All Seeing God!


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